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We are pleased to announce that Wriggle has been selected to be a Discovery Artist at Pavillion Dance Southwest in Bournemouth. We get the chance to spend time in their beautiful studios by the sea and have lovely creative conversations with the team.

Watch this space for more info about what we'll be doing with PDSW as we're planning research and development for a new show!!!


Making dance come alive for young children: Wriggle Dance Theatre’s The Colour of Me

By David Mead, Seeing Dance

The Core at Corby Cube - October 1, 2016

“For 3-7 years and their grown-ups,” as the publicity puts it, sums up Wriggle Dance Theatre’s The Colour of Me rather neatly. Yes, it is really aimed at the youngsters, and with more than a little help from Sue Pyecroft’s designs, Barret Hodgson’s digital projections and Anthony Kimber-McTiffen’s great live music, dancers Kath Kimber-McTiffen, Ruth Jacombs and Chris Bradley had them completely engaged from the start.

Allowing the audience to sit where they want on mats on three sides of the space helps create an easy-going welcoming atmosphere. At times the children were so captivated you could have heard a pin drop. But the message writ large through the show is that dance is fun. At times the youngsters laughed and laughed, but whisper it quietly, so did the adults.

The Colour of Me (directed by Lucy Knight) shifts easily between theatre and dance. It’s an enchanting exploration of the emotions that live in us through the colours that are around us, with all eventually brought together to create a rainbow, the whole person within us all.

All the movement and characterisation is related to colours. Green is peaceful, the mood set by some projections suggesting sun glinting through a forest canopy, and a digital butterfly that is gently captured and released. Blue takes us to the sea, created with a giant fabric held by the children, who enthusiastically created waves. Holes in the fabric allowed the dancers to pop up in different places. A dance that has the dancers standing on their shoulders, legs sticking out of the ‘water’ went down particularly well; and so it should, because it is rather good.

Each mood contrasts with that before and after. Red is grumpy and cross. “What are you looking at?” the audience is asked. Purple is heralded by a story about walking around the playground alone. “It’s horrible being lonely,” we are told. Yellow is happy.

Interaction is key in Wriggle’s work and there’s plenty of it in The Colour of Me. That digitally created green butterfly flitters around, a bee buzzes around the children’s heads, purple feathers are blown towards them, which of course they the blow themselves, and they are encouraged into the space to climb over the strands of a giant orange. Perhaps most enthusiastically they hold the giant fabric and help create the sea in ‘blue’. It ends with a great free play session using pieces of fabric previously used in the final section.

Dance for young children would not usually be high on my list of ‘must-sees’, but The Colour of Me is rather fun – for everyone.


We are thrilled to announce that Wriggle has been successful is gaining funding from Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, to devise and tour their brand new show for children ages 3 to 7 and families, The Colour of Me.

The Colour of Me
will tour nationally to theatre venues between October 16 and March 17 alongside an accompanying educational and outreach programme in partnership with 5 of the tour venues.

Check our Tour Dates page to see where we are going


Wriggle Dance Theatre need your help to enable children that don't normally access the theatre have the chance to see, ‘The Colour of Me’ or take part in a workshop.

Your support will enable over 5000 children and families to have a magical, interactive theatrical experience.

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Check out Wriggle's Easy Fundraising page here, register and help us to reach our target 


ITS THE MOONS BIRTHDAY is a brand new show specially adapted for school settings and aimed at Reception/Keystage 1 children (ages 3 to 7).

For less than £3 per child, we are offering an affordable package for your school which includes professional dance theatre performance, an accompanying story book and a supporting creative dance educational resource pack. 

All Enquiries & Bookings to:

Funding awarded from The Compton Fund for the Arts for Intergenerational Community Dance Project

Wriggle have been awarded funding from The Compton Fund for the Arts in Northamptonshire to deliver an inter-generational community dance project with participants from St Crispins Retirement Village and St Lukes CEVA Primary School in Northampton starting in January 2016.

Participants between the ages of 6 and 86 will take part in a weekly creative dance and movement class where they will work towards a sharing of their work for friends and family at the end of the project.

The project, Dance Across the Years, will be inspired by the sharing of memories and stories between young and old participants, which will be then be used to create dances together.

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Fantastic Blue Moon workshop at Eastfield Academy

Wriggle went to Eastfield Academy this week with our Blue Moon interactive performance / workshop and had the opportunity to work with their lovely Nursery children. We were thrilled with the lovely birthday cards the children had made for the moon. 
To see pictures and read more about the fantastic time we all had, visit the schools own blog below that they have set up to remember the session

Funding awarded from Milton Keynes Community Foundation

Wriggle has just completed a pilot tour of schools & childrens centres in Milton Keynes with their specially reworked version for non-theatre spaces of their popular touring show, Once in a Blue Moon, thanks to a grant from Milton Keynes Community Foundation.
The brand new show, It's the Moons Birthday!, received 10/10 from everyone that saw it.

If you are interested in booking the show for your school or childrens centre, get in touch

Wriggle receive funding from Tesco Charity Trust

Wriggle are pleased to announce that they have received an award from Tesco Charity Trust to deliver an educational and outreach programme in schools and childrens centre in the Canley area of Coventry.

The workshops will be linked to their show, Once in a Blue Moon and aim to give young children and their families a more in depth experience of the show as well as wet their appetite for Once in a Blue Moon when it comes to Warwick Arts Centre on 29th & 30th November as part of their family weekend.