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Once in a Blue Moon


It’s the moon’s birthday! He is having a party and we are all invited... But how do we get there? 

Join us as we journey to the moon through strange, distant lands and meet some curious characters along the way. Incorporating dance, live music and audience interactivity, this dance theatre piece offers 3-6 year olds and their parents a truly magical experience.

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REVIEW - Toddle About Magazine October 2013 

Children’s theatre can be a bit hit and miss, but I am happy to say that Once In a Blue Moon is a true delight. Written and styled for children aged 3 - 6 years, the show has been tailored to this age group with perfection. It engages and entertains with spectacle, live music, interaction and humour. The hour-long story tells the tale of the moon’s birthday - he’s having a party to which everyone is invited, and the young audience are taken along on an exciting journey travelling through different lands looking for him.

Even before the show begins, the children are encouraged to get involved by making cards for the moon, which are displayed in the final scene when they find the moon and finish the party. They interact at various points throughout the performance, joining the frogs as they jump across the ‘smelly, pooey bog’ on lily pads, climbing up mountains in time to the music, making shadow birds on the floor with their hands, spinning and shaking the parachute and much more.

The only vocals come from the narrator who, accompanied by his acoustic guitar, sings the story of the search for moon, which accompanies the beautiful movements of the dancers to perfection.

Wriggle Dance Theatre have done a wonderful job of creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for the children, putting them at ease right from the very beginning so they can lose themselves in the story - something that is so important when performing to such young children. The actors built rapport with the children very easily which not only engaged them more in the story but also encouraged their participation. The extent to which our children were sucked into the tale was apparent when our six year old wanted to know how we were going to get down from the moon so we could go home!

The atmosphere of the performance is magical and captivating, whilst being cozy and welcoming. Well written and beautifully performed, Once in a Blue Moon is a phenomenal debut show and I’m already excited to see what Wriggle Dance Theatre will come up with next.

Children’s Reviews:

“It was even better than The Ugly Duckling ballet” Alice, 6

“I loved the frogs” Sophie, 4

“I really liked it” William, 3

Ruth Freed, Toddle About Magazine, October 2013


'I took my 3 year old son to watch you in Oxford today and we were both hugely delighted by your engaging performance. The way you captured the children's imaginations in the foyer with the hide and seek game, the perfect mixture of active and passive engagement for the little ones during the show and of course your superb guitar playing/dancing/theatrics/weird bobbly glove costumes all made for a truly magical time.Many thanks for such an enjoyable morning. I have joined your mailing list and hope that you will come back to Oxford soon.'
Audience Member - The Old Fire Station, Oxford

'I saw your 11am performance with my children. Loved it! Just fabulously playful and imaginative. So good to see excellence for children … for anyone.'
Audience member - The Old Fire Station, Oxford

'Beautiful, intelligent, soft, engaging, dynamic and joyous. Thank you all'
      Audience Member - Royal & Derngate, Northampton


'Fantastic quality. Love the interactive element. Sophia (4) and Anna (1) had a great time. Amazing how simple ideas can be used to full effect. More Wriggle Dance please'  Audience member - Royal & Derngate, Northampton 

'Playful, imaginative, interactive & had some beautiful dance in it.The children were really enthralled.'  - Dani Parr - Royal & Derngate


‘Beautiful, interactive, delightful movement’ Louisa Milburn -Embrace Arts