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The Blue Moon interactive workshop

Wriggle’s interactive performance workshop is a unique offer that combines performance by professional artists with interactivity and creative opportunities for participants, through a mixture of dance, music and storytelling.

Performance and participation is truly integrated throughout the workshop with participants having the opportunity to take part as well as watch.
During the workshop participants embark on a journey to the moon where the moon is holding his birthday party. They travel through stormy plains, froggy bogs and strange lands in the quest to get to the moon.

Finally the performers and participants are reunited with the moon, just in time for the party.

The workshop contains dance, live music and storytelling.

Age Range:
Suitable for 2 to 6 year olds. Can be booked within a nursery,  school, children’s centre or community setting.

‘This is the best time ever’ - participant, age 3

 ‘It was the best day of my school’ – participant, age 5

 ‘It was so wonderful to see the children involved and engaged by such a performance, it was so perfectly pitched for this age’
– Reception Teacher

‘the mixture of dance, movement and singing gave the children a brilliant,
unique experience’ – Nursery Teacher