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The Colour of Me
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What our audiences are saying about 'The Colour of Me'...

"Amazing, beautiful show, if you've got kids check it out!"

"I thought the show was brilliant, absolutely stunning, very cleverly done and the colours and music were fantastic."

"We thought The Colour of Me was absolutely fantastic. It somehow managed to be calming and tranquil at the same time as being hugely entertaining and funny. Freya and her friends loved every minute of it: they laughed, they danced, they sat and watched in awe as butterflies fluttered around the performance space ... and our 6 month old was just as transfixed. Wriggle Dance Theatre certainly know their audience. We loved it so much, we went straight home and booked in for another performance in a few weeks time."

"An absolutely fantastic show, completely engaging and mesmerising. We both felt a real sense of calm and came out feeling really uplifted' So great that I called today to book to see it again at Warwick Arts Centre and plan to invite our NCT friends along!"

"It was beautiful, wonderful, really inclusive for children and the guitarist was wonderful. It was well produced and it went really quickly!"

"Impecible, inspirational and imaginative - everything that childrens theatre work should be"

"We came to see The Colour of Me for a second time today and enjoyed it just as much if not more! What a fabulous and thoroughly stimulating show."

"Quite possibly the nicest way to spend a morning! Thank you so much for creating a beautiful sanctuary of space where I shared some special time with my daughters. We all really enjoyed this delightful, funny and well worked out production which was just perfect for children. You created a magical and enthralling show which kept them throughly entertained. Please come back to Burnley Youth Theatre soon!"

"The Colour of Me is a beautifully crafted hour long exploration of primary colours and the near universal association they have with human emotions, through dance and music. It's both simple and profound, as accessible to parents as it is to young children, the target audience. It makes use of state of the art stage lighting technology to create a stage for an interactive event. I was impressed to see so many under fives relaxed, absorbed and involved in the performance. There was little of the restlessness one might normally associate with a group of children in this age group, being asked to sit of their own free will and watch a performance.
The words 'enchanting' and 'magical' will arise when people think about describing this performance, but what's so wonderful is that this doesn't dominate. It's just a means to create a playful environment that relates to children's real experience. With minor linguistic tweaks it could be taken to any country on earth and appeal to children and their parents."

What the venues & promoters are saying...

Once in a Blue Moon - Autumn 2014 Tour

"Beautiful, interactive, delightful movement"
Louisa Milburn, Programmer, Embrace Arts

"It was playful, imaginative, interactive and had some beautiful dance in it"
Dani Parr, Associate Director, Royal & Derngate

"I thought the show was lovely - well pitched for the age group and well structured. I've not seen audience interaction done so well in a children's show for some time. We also really liked the image and marketing materials you provided and these resulted in two sold out shows so we'd be pleased to have you back with a new show at mac in the future.
Louisa Davies, Programmer, MAC

"Wriggle Dance's performance of 'Once In A Blue Moon' was a real season highlight at the Drill Hall. Beautiful, moving and utterly enchanting. A wonderfully engaging experience with excellent focused performances and some really lovely music. Real quality"
Simon Hollingworth, Programmer, Lincoln Drill Hall

Wriggle Dance brought 'Once in a Blue Moon' to our theatre very recently.  Over the last couple of years we have been building a discerning young audience for our studio provision.
Once in a Blue Moon certainly stood their test.  They were enthralled and enraptured. Moreover, dealing with Kath at Wriggle Dance has been pleasurable and effortless. We will certainly be hoping for a return visit.
Maggie Saxon, Senior Associate Programmer, Key Theatre, Peterborough

What our audiences are saying about Once in a Blue Moon...

"Both children & adults loved this unique performance. It was so wonderful to see the children involved & engaged, so perfectly pitched for this age. Please come back again"

"Wonderful, very magical & imaginative, great characters, quite unique. Would love to see more"

"Beautiful, mesmerizing, perfect for 3 and upwards. My daughter loved being able to be part of the show. Dancers were fantastic!"

"We all loved it this morning! My three all agreed it was the best show they'd ever been to! Thank you all!"

"It was my son's (4) first live theatre performance and having been unsure whether he would be able to maintain interest for a whole performance, I found he was completely mesmerised and in complete awe of the skills shown by you guys ('wow, I wish I could do that!' he exclaimed more than once). It was a fantastic show, brilliantly devised and wonderfully performed, poetic, magical, heartwarming, imaginative and fun. The fact that you performed in the round, with plenty of opportunity for interactive involvement of your young audience members, was superb too, I couldn't have wished for a better show for my boy's first theatre experience!"

What participants are saying about our workshops & outreach projects...

"Can we do it again tomorrow?" – participant aged 5

"This is the best time ever" - participant, age 3

"it was the best day of my school" – participant, age 5

 "it was so wonderful to see the children involved and engaged by such a performance, it was so perfectly pitched for this age" – Reception Teacher

"the mixture of dance, movement and singing gave the children a brilliant, unique experience" – Nursery Teacher

"Enthusiastic response from all the children even those with special needs, just the right level for this age/class" - parent

"It was a fascinating journey which enabled the children to use their imagination, see beyond the literal and use movement to explore magical destinations." - parent